Resource Economics

Create sustainable value by harnessing natural resources and accounting for their value contribution

The research area "Resource Economics" focusses on the sustainable value creation for companies as well as organisations in the energy-intensive industry by efficiently harnessing natural resources (such as hydrocarbons and mineral resources) and corporate capabilities in times of continuous change and the ongoing european energy transition towards "Climate Neutrality".

Dr. Gerald Feichtinger
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Dr. Franz Siegmeth MBA
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Research Focus

  • Holistic organisational environmental assessment in the context of achieving corporate climate neutrality [Gerald Feichtinger]
  • Organisational value creation from hydrocarbon resources towards alternative energies and climate neutrality [Franz Siegmeth]

Projects (selection)

  • Platform SMI
    • 10th SMI Congress 2023 (incl. book)
    • 1st SMI Online-Forum 2024 (incl. e-proceedings)
  • LCA workshop series for industrial participants (since 2022)
  • DURAPARTS: Comparative LCA of wear parts (07/2023 – 02/2024)
  • WING business: coordination/issue 2/2025

Publications (selection)

  • Feichtinger G., Ringhofer S., Posch W. (2024): Analysing the Impacts of an External Power Supplier in a Renewable Energy Community. 18. Symposium Energieinnovation, Graz (Austria).

  • Feichtinger G., Posch W. (2023): Evaluation of European critical raw material assessments under energy transition considerations. 3rd EURECA-PRO Conference, Chania (Greece).

  • Feichtinger G., Posch W. (2023): Integration of sustainability aspects in investment decisions: Concepts and considerations for realisation at project level. In: Posch W., Vorbach S., Zsifkovits H., Feichtinger, G. (2023): Success through sustainable energy and resource management. Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft, Edition Rainer Hampp, Baden-Baden (Germany).

  • Siegmeth F., Posch W. (2023): Strategic Foresight: On the relevance of strategic foresight. WING business Nr. 56/2023 (4).