Energy Management

Increase production value, conserve resources and minimize emissions via effective energy management

Energy management plays a decisive role in the sustainability of a company. By implementing efficient energy management systems, companies can systematically record, analyze and optimize their energy consumption. This not only leads to considerable cost savings, but also reduces the ecological footprint and promotes sustainability. Integrated energy management takes into account all relevant areas of decision-making and the company's environment in order to provide and utilize energy resources economically. Efficiency is further increased through a holistic approach and the development of specific technological assessments. This helps companies to achieve their envi-ronmental goals and remain competitive in the long term.

Dipl.-Ing. Daniel Mark
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Dipl.-Ing. Günter Unterreiter
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Research Focus

  • Optimizing Performance in Energy Management by Digital Twins [Daniel Mark]
  • Development, Implementation and Limits of a Generic Business Model based on the Concept of "Servitisation" for Energy Intensive Manufacturing Firms [Günter Unterreiter]

Publications (selection)

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