Business Analytics

Deploy digital tools and data analytics to foster advanced energy management and ecological accounting

In the energy-intensive sector, data analytics emerges as a crucial element for guiding digital transformation, especially within energy management. The central focus of this research area is on digital transformation instruments, viewed as vital in enhancing energy efficiency, reinforcing sustainability, and reducing operational expenses in sectors heavily reliant on energy. The integration of digital innovations with energy management practices is vital for enhancing efficiencies, promoting innovation, and complying with environmental standards. Concentrating on energy-intensive industries highlights the urgent necessity to adopt digital transformation tactics for a sustainable future. Thus, data analytics stands out as an essential component in shifting towards operations that are not only more energy efficient but also more aligned with environmental commitments in the industrial domain.

Nikolaos Poulios PhD
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Dipl.-Ing. Daniel Schlar
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Research Focus

  • Mathematical Data Science in the Energy Sector [Nikolaos Poulios]
  • Optimizing Performance in Energy Management via Digital Transformation [Daniel Schlar]


  • SIEMENS: Maintenance Beyond Phase 3


  • A Mathematical Study of the Braess's Paradox within a Network Comprising Four Nodes, Five Edges and Linear Time Functions. C. Poulios, E. Melas, N.C. Poulios, M. Livada, J. Leventides. Springer, 2024.
  • Demand Aggregation and Mid-Term Energy Planning Problem on the Business Layer. M. Livada, E. Melas, N.C. Poulios. Springer, 2024.
  • The Minimum Cost Energy Flow Problem under Demand Uncertainty. Effect on Optimal Solution, Variability, Worst and Best Case Scenarios. N.C. Poulios, E. Melas, M. Livada. Springer, 2024.